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Immaculately designed and decorated with undulating oiled mahogany millwork inspired with the help of Gaudí, bar Raval is a Basque pintxos bar where food and drink are masterpieces. There are 10 vermouths, an, shaken martinis, a dozen sherries, flips and beautifully judged fizzes icy pretty old Fashioned made with cream sherry and stirred thru with frankincense. a hour or 2 spent in such a space is a magical undertaking. Furlough is a neighbourhood bistro focusing on fresh an, ingredients or even French techniques extensive cocktail menu. Nestled in an inviting neighbourhood spot with tin ceilings, warm or tufted brown leather woods, it’s place kind you come back to. The decor is inspired by the “preprohibition” cocktail past lounges Parkdale’s west end, decorated in a classic Parisian style. Step to Geraldine and you may think you’ve stepped back to 1920s Paris. Matter of fact that the seasonal dinner menu features standout little plates like crispy fried Toulouse sausages, smoked and smelts duck breast with foie gras, supplemented under the patronage of ‘latenight’ bar snack offerings and handcrafted retro cocktails made with artisanal ingredients, along with spirits from its own absinthe fountain. Remember, the One Eighty sits at the ManuLife Centre’s 51st floor with a 180° view of Toronto’s skyline and a inspired menu. The Shaken + Stirred cocktails are bottled inhouse, flavoured with ‘all natural’ ingredients, when it comes to cocktails. Notice that while offering a practically seamless view of the nighttime sky, taking town gain stunning view, the One Eighty has a 1, 500 square foot patio on the north and south side.

Sounds familiar, does it not? While providing an uncommon cover handcrafted Italian cuisine created with some quality stuff from Canada’s normal bounty, focusing on seasonal flavours and locally sourced produce, located in the “RitzCarlton” in Performing heart Arts Theatre District, TOCA is among the most acclaimed restaurants in the diverse culinary spectrum of downtown Toronto.

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